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Legal advisory services

Independent legal advice in many current and future matters help create a state of understanding and sufficient knowledge of various legal issues and, thus, double the ability to solve any legal issues quickly and decisively while empowering clients to optimally avoid any potential legal problems. Al-Rustom Law Firm’s legal advisors provide world-class assistance with day-to-day activities as well as corporate life events. Driven by the smartest minds in the business and fueled by a combination of always-up-to-date knowledge of national and international advisors, we help our clients achieve way beyond legal results.


Why legal consultation matters?

Since law plays a critical role even in the tiniest details of our personal and professional life, seeking an expert legal advice from a reliable law firm with professional competence is a must, whether in matters of ownership, licenses, contracts, real estate, debts, lawsuits, labor laws, insurance laws, administrative laws, commercial and banking matters…, etc.

Legal consultation goes in line with the principle of “prevention is better than cure.” The consultants of Al-Rustom Law Firm employ their practical experience to provide the best legal advice that benefits our valued clients in many areas, including but not limited to:
  • Drafting sales or lease contracts
  • Understanding and avoiding any disputes or legal issues our clients may face.
  • Simplify the problems they may face, direct them to the right path to solve them and prevent them from making mistakes.
  • Ensuring knowledge of legal rights and assisting them in making the right decisions.
  • Merger, acquisition or dissolution of companies.
  • Debt collection advice
  • Advice on reviewing insurance contracts
  • Arbitration advice in commercial contracts
  • Arbitration advice in financial contracts
  • Executive consultations in Shariah rulings and decisions instruments
  • Consultations related to judicial pleadings
  • Legacy Consulting
  • Successful business management and ensuring it complies with all legal obligations.

Seeking legal consultation from Al-Rustom Law Firm’s specialized lawyers reassures our valuable clients that they are making the right decisions at all times and avoiding any unwanted mistakes that could cause waste of time, money and effort.

Al-Rustom Law Firm offers a wide array of distinguished legal services, including legal advice to individuals, companies, commercial and industrial establishments, non-profit organizations and institutions, and any entity that needs legal advice related to the nature of its commercial activities or legal relations with others. We, as a team of distinguished lawyers and consultants with extensive experience in providing legal advice, are ready to respond to any inquiry and provide appropriate legal advice for any situation.

More reasons to seek Al-Rustom law office for legal advice?

Al-Rustom Law Office has built a proven track record of success in providing professional legal advice services on both national and international levels. Our legal advisory team studies each case with the utmost accuracy and legal care recognized by our Law Firm, taking into account punctuality, speed of response and the special cases that require further research and in-depth study. We constantly strive to provide optimal, reasonably priced legal advice as fast and efficiently as possible. That’s how we have managed to keep our clients satisfied and ourselves efficient at providing superior legal advisory services.

If you’d like to learn more or request a free legal consultation, feel free to get in touch with our expert team.



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