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Corporate evaluation services

Corporate evaluation is an effective financial and accounting tool you can use to measure the financial position of your company or facility; in other words, it helps you identify its total financial value. Corporate evaluation determines the value of assets and liabilities and any other financial restrictions imposed on the company, and thus, this service plays a major role in knowing the extent of the institution’s ability to continue its work and maintain its effectiveness in the economic market as it provides the possibility of reaching an appropriate description of the company’s general situation.



Why Al-Rustom Corporate Evaluation Services?

Thanks to our distinguished elite of financial analysts and management accountants, Al-Rustom Office provides world-class corporate evaluation services – following the highest local and global standards along with remarkable criteria for handling even the most complicated evaluation projects for companies of unique and exceptional nature.

Corporate evaluation offers plenty of tangible advantages at various levels, including:

  • Determining the net value of the corporate equity, including the value of the resulting obligations, expenses and debts (if any).
  • Determining the value of the company’s shares before presenting them to the financial market for trading, which contributes greatly to the study of mergers or acquisitions of companies, as such an objective and thoughtful evaluation gives real values to the shares of partners in joint stock companies, especially if one of the partners wants to sell his share in the company.
  • Facilitating various procedures related to companies, their assets and their relationships, including:
  1. The process of liquidating companies with the aim of selling them or closing them completely.
  2. Acquisition of assets or shares in a company.
  3. Allocation of the purchase price of a new asset in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards
  4. Change in ownership structure
  5. Introducing a new shareholder/partner in a company
  6. Public and private placement
  7. Separation of companies
  8. Corporate Restructuring
  9. Exiting a stake in a company
  10. Debt financing
We use a wide range of methods in valuing companies. The evaluation may depend on assets, income, or the market. However, critical decisions in the evaluation process depend on choosing the evaluation methods that are best for a particular situation and ensuring their accurate application.

Need An Ideal Corporate Evaluation Service? Let’s get to it!

Al-Rustom Office’s team of financial analysts and management accountants follows the highest national and international standards for corporate evaluation. No matter the type, size and regional extensions or your project, we are always there to help you out. All you need to do is contact us today!


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